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Debbie Glivar Roberts is proud to be recommended by the following
San Diego area
children's theatre companies:

San Diego Junior Theatre
James Saba, Executive Director
San Diego, CA

Peter Pan Junior Theater
Mark Arapostathis, Ph.D., Director
La Mesa, CA

C. Hook Theater
Mark Arapostathis, Ph.D., Director
La Mesa, CA

Young Actors' Theatre
Jean Isaac, Founder and Board President
Spring Valley, CA

"Debbie Glivar Roberts is not only an accomplished artist and wonderful music teacher, she is a solid and supportive mentor and friend. I began lessons with Miss Debbie at the age of 12 and studied with her until I left for college to pursue a career in Vocal Performance, at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine in 2012. Miss Debbie’s efforts molded me into a confident, healthy singer and I would certainly not be where I am in my career today without her guidance. Not only does Debbie teach healthy technique, she fosters an environment for her young students that encourage them to explore their voices and their creative abilities as young artists. My lessons with Debbie taught me so much about my voice, and her musical knowledge helped narrow down the exact field of voice that I wanted to study in college. Miss Debbie gave criticism in a way that helped me to grow as a performer, and yet still feel confident in the power and talent of my instrument. I went into college ready to tackle auditions and roles with poise, technique, and belief in myself as a young performer. As a teacher, Debbie’s musical guidance meant the world to me. As a mentor, Debbie acted as a member of my family. She was always someone I felt comfortable going to with any issue I had. I knew I would be received with open arms. Now, I am teaching voice as well, with a small studio of my own and students based in the San Diego and Orange County areas. If it were not for Debbie’s solid vocal foundation and loving, caring, empathetic nature, I would not know how to run a successful studio. She taught me how to love my students for their talent, but more importantly, for their potential as young adults in our world today. I cannot thank Debbie enough for taking my self- conscious, awkward, seventh grade self, and helping me to reach my full potential as an artist and person. I am eternally supportive of the work Miss Debbie Glivar Roberts does with Broadway Vocal Artists. She’s truly an asset to our community."

Laura Erath
Broadway Vocal Artist alum
Graduate, University of California Irvine
Bachelor of Music
Vocal Music Performance major
President, UCI Choirs
Owner, Music Studio of Laura Erath

""Since studying with Debbie, Levi's voice had gotten stronger and he has learned many singing techniques to help him sing better and hit higher and lower notes. He has also has learned how to properly warm up and many other skills that will help him protect his voice. More importantly than the technical aspects of singing is the great relationship Levi has developed with Debbie. She is much more than a voice instructor. Debbie is a coach and a mentor who builds her students’ confidence and challenges them to be the best they can be while having fun doing it. Levi looks forward to his weekly lesson with Debbie and he is very disappointed whenever he has to miss a lesson. Debbie helps her students feel completely prepared for auditions and has helped Levi improve while at the same time encouraging and promoting his uniqueness. Levi sounded great before starting with Debbie, but thanks to Debbie he now sounds awesome and has so much confidence that he shines! He is now getting better and bigger parts as well.  Thanks, Debbie!"

Star Laddon
Broadway Vocal Artist parent

"Miss Debbie has been my vocal coach for about six years now. She has not only helped my voice grow exponentially but she has helped me grow as a person. Miss Debbie has given me the confidence to perform and most importantly she has instilled confidence in me. This is something I will carry with me throughout all of my future endeavors. Miss Debbie has taught me determination, diligence, and how to present myself as a respectable young adult. She has been a constant supporter of everything that I do and has always been someone that I can talk to and turn to for guidance or help. Miss Debbie has nurtured my love for music and theater. After my lessons I have always left feeling stronger and happier. Miss Debbie has helped me achieve roles I never thought I could attain. Singing has become something that I gain only positive results from and without Miss Debbie’s help I would not be where I am today or the person I have become. Thank you Miss Debbie, for being my teacher, my mentor, and my friend."

Kate Erath
Broadway Vocal Artists alum
Freshman, San Jose State University

2015 Vocalist of the Year, Grossmont High School
Winner, 2011 National Youth Theatre Award
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical (Youth Division)
The Music Man

"Debbie Glivar Roberts has a Ph. D. in experience."

Major Timothy J. Foley

Founding Administrator

Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Center
Broadway Vocal Artists parent

"Debbie Glivar Roberts, or Miss Debbie as she is lovingly referred, has been and continues to be a grand influence in the lives of our two daughters.  Our daughter Abbey studied with Debbie for four years through her high school career until she left for college this fall.  Miss Debbie helped shape Abbey's voice, and build confidence in her strengths and improve her weaknesses.  Debbie prepared her for every performance and audition, including high school (CoSA) and college auditions.  Debbie helped her with song selections appropriate for her range and yet gently pushed her to reach for new vocal heights.  Debbie provides tools including a notebook(s) to keep sheet music and provides cd's and/or mp3's of full and audition cuts of their music.  She often sends articles and performances she feels would be helpful to each performer.  Truly a considerate and kind soul, we have only enjoyed working with her.  Our youngest daughter Grace has been studying with Miss Debbie for about 6 months now and continues to improve vocally.   We know Grace is in excellent hands, and we look forward to seeing where Debbie takes her."

Martha Workman
Broadway Vocal Artists parent

"Debbie Glivar Roberts has been our daughter, Shannon Barry's voice teacher for six years. During that time, Shannon's voice not only improved, but became stronger and more refined.
     She helped Shannon gain confidence in her abilities and this showed in all her auditions and peformances. She also helped Shannon better prepare for auditions by picking songs appropriate for her voice range and that showed her full potential as a singer/performer.
     Miss Debbie became much more than a voice teacher. She's been an inspiration and a mentor to Shannon.
     We cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and dedication."
Mike and Johanna Barry
Broadway Vocal Artists parents

    For the past six years, Miss Debbie Glivar Roberts has been not only a voice coach but also a mentor and friend. She has helped me grow artistically and technically in my vocal performance and I have gained the skill and confidence I need to face any audition with ease. No matter what the situation, Miss Debbie always seems to have the perfect song picked out at a moment's notice. While in a show, she helped me learn my material and perfect it, and for those off times when I wasn't, we had fun learning new songs to keep in my repetoire. Miss Debbie also starts every lesson off with a "hello" and is genuinely interested in how things are going in your life, no matter how crazy it may be, and she'll never let you leave without giving you a warm hug goodbye. I am going to miss her and all she has given me throughout the years. I can't thank her enough.
Shannon Barry
Broadway Vocal Artist student

 "Dear Miss Debbie, Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me over the course of the show.  I am forever grateful.  You have given me confidence in my voice and in my part.  Thank you again."

Kate Erath, Marian Paroo
2011 National Youth Theatre award winner
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical (Youth Division)
The Music Man,

Peter Pan Junior Theatre
Broadway Vocal Artist student

"Debbie Glivar Roberts has been working with my daughter, Katee, since she was 11 years old.  When Katee first came to work with Miss Debbie she was a shy, young girl.  Although she had a pretty voice she did not know how to use it.  Debbie was able to teach Katee to breathe properly, which led to Katee learning to belt.  One of the important aspects of Debbie’s teaching is that she provides the student with sheet music as well as a cd recording of the track.  We are very thankful for the years of training that Debbie has provided and we saw it all come to fruition when Katee was cast in the lead role of CYT’s winter production of Pocahontas.  Thank you for everything, Debbie."

Marcene Drysdale
Costumer, Young Actors' Theatre

Broadway Vocal Artists parent

"Dear Miss Debbie, I am very appreciative of your generous contribution of time and energy in support of my role as Joseph.  Your lessons allowed me a sense of confidence and comfort on stage.  Thank you."

Zack Alper, Joseph
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,

C. Hook Theatre 2010
Broadway Vocal Artist

    "Debbie Glivar Roberts has worked on both sides of the table; as a performer getting jobs from her own auditions, and as a theatre teacher and director she has watched and coached young people how to give a successful audition.
    Ms. Roberts’ impressive auditions gained her a job with The Mac-Haydn Theatre, where for two seasons she performed featured roles in a number of musicals. Her background and expertise with young people also gave her the responsibility of directing our children’s theatre workshop, where she was efficient, knowledgeable and charismatic in her work. Her workshop sessions included giving young people the tips to pick a song that’s right for their voice, pick an appropriate monologue and present a successful audition.  Ms. Roberts was able to help our workshop students learn all of these skills, while making the workshop fun and educational.
    Debbie directed our children’s workshop production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown to the delight and praise of the show’s author and composer, Clark Gesner.
    We feel she is an excellent source of the help that will assist fledgling thespians to gain the on-stage work they seek. She has all the qualifications and background to put down this experience into a book.  We look forward to seeing the results of her guidance in our future auditionees!"

Barbara Peduzzi
Assistant Producer
The Mac-Haydn Theatre, Inc.
Chatham, NY

Founder and Director
Broadway Vocal Artists
La Mesa, California
(619) 252-5243

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